Why God Commands us Not to Worry

At the end of this next semester, I will be graduated. That comes with a lot of emotions: good, bad, and in-between. In the next few months it feels like there is so much that has to get done, so much I need to be ready for, and a ton of life I have to figure out. I’m barely halfway through summer, a whole six months out from graduation, and I have already found myself unable to sleep at night, anxious and stressed about the next step in my life. 

I have always been a planner. I know what is next on the agenda, big or small, and I can easily map out my strategy. This time around, however, is different. I am finding myself questioning my goals and dreams, and am unsure of what God wants from me. I feel unprepared, something I am not used to, and just want to be able to ask “Hey God, what’s the game plan?” while He tosses me the itinerary for the next five or so years. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is how God intends to reveal His plan to me. And while all of my struggles are real and my feelings are valid, I know I need to stop focusing on the worry and confusion and turn instead to the glory of God and walking with Christ in every moment and here is why:

Trusting God is worth it.

Lately I’ve felt a pang of conviction in my heart every time I grab my phone because my screensaver reads “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” Proverbs 3:5. I think of the irony in this, that I’ve set that verse on my lock screen as a constant reminder, yet I find myself wading through a sea of worry. When we allow worry and fear to cloud our vision of the future, we’re not leaning fully into God. Even if we say we trust Him, when worry consumes us we add a “but what if” onto the end of that trust and that is not what God wants for us. His love for us isn’t conditional, it doesn’t stop or get thrown off course by any of our “what if” fears. When we have full confidence in Him, those fears fly out the window and we are able to fully invite Him into our future with us.

You are missing out on now.

When we are constantly thinking forward, we forget to enjoy where we are right now. It is easy to take the blessings around us for granted. We have to remember that God doesn’t put us somewhere for no reason. He is building up something in and for you. Don’t miss out on the now because you’re waiting for the next thing. 

You’re never going to just “arrive”.

There was, at one time, a point in our lives when we were looking forward to the season we’re in now. We were in middle school looking forward to high school, in high school and looking forward to college, in college looking forward to the “real” world. We are a culture that simply can’t wait. But the hard-to-swallow truth is that we are never just going to “arrive” at that one special point in our lives and everything is perfect. There will always be the next season. We’re never just going to stay in one place forever, and for that we should be grateful. God continues to add onto the blessings throughout our whole life. We shouldn’t be stuck in the mindset of “when I get this over with” or “once I have that” everything will be great. There is always going to be one--if not twenty-- more thing(s). 

Jesus tells us not to worry.

If none of that convinced you, maybe wisdom straight from Jesus will. In Matthew 6:33-34, Jesus says “But seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (ESV). God knows our hearts and he knows what we need. He has the power to give us all we need if we let Him. When we stop trying to be in control and obsessing over every detail is when we are able to take a deep breath, relax, and let Him take over. 

It doesn’t always make sense to us to let it go. We feel ownership over our lives, our dreams, our worries. But when we lay them at the feet of Jesus, it all becomes His. He takes our burdens and worries and dreams and He turns them into something beautiful. All we have to do is decide if we will let Him take it, and then He takes care of the rest.

About the Author


Emily Miller / @emilla16

I am an English major with a minor in Creative Writing at the University of Akron. After school I hope to go into the publishing industry to be an editor. I grew up in a Christian family and my faith has grown so much through Delight! I am a leader for my chapter and I also have a personal blog, alwaysemily.blog, where I talk about my faith as well! My passions are Jesus, health and fitness, literature, and travel. I recently discovered my adventurous side and I’m always up for a road trip to somewhere new (or even somewhere old)!