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We are SO excited for the launch of Delight at the University of Kansas this Fall! The leadership team is led by Sydney Arnett from Dallas, Texas. After deciding to attend KU, Sydney got plugged into churches and different ministries but she still felt like something was missing. This inspired Sydney to learn more about Delight and start a chapter at The University of Kansas!

We wanted to know more about Sydney’s journey with starting a Delight chapter and are so excited to share her journey! We are so expectant to see where the journey takes her and the rest of the KU leadership team.

Q: Why did you decide to start a Delight chapter on your campus?

A: One day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw these pictures of these girls, and little did I know it was the Delight Instagram! I went to the website to try and find KU, and it wasn’t on there, but my best friend goes to Samford University and I texted her and asked about all the details about Delight! She said, “You should totally start a chapter!” and it just fueled my fire. It was honestly such a spur of the moment decision. I just filled out the application, and told myself, “God’s got this, I’m just going to fill this out and see what comes of it.” I didn’t totally feel equipped, but the Lord was stirring something up in my heart and I was going to trust in His plan. 

Q: What was the process of starting a Delight chapter like? 

A: The first part was finding a leadership team, girls to come alongside me and help me through this process. I was so nervous through this. I kept thinking, “Would girls want to take this leap of faith with me and dive into this new adventure?” But I really found out that this was one of the easiest parts!  Girls would reach out to me on Instagram asking, “How can I help you? How can I bless you in this process?” Most of them were people I had never talked to before. After that, it was all about explaining my vision for our Delight chapter, what Delight is and how we could actually make this work. A huge push of encouragement for me was finding out about the Leader’s conference in Nashville - I just felt, “wow, what an amazing opportunity to meet other women who have started chapters and to see how far they’ve grown.” 

Q: How did other people find out you were starting a chapter?

A: Once I got the green light to find my team, I wanted to post on social media to get the word out about what the Lord is stirring up in my heart. I got tons of positive feedback, Instagram really came in clutch for that.

Q: How do you feel like you’ve grown as a leader since you’ve started a delight?

A: I have always been an introvert. Just very shy, painfully shy, I hated attention, and this year in college was a way for myself to reinvent my self in a way. I decided that the theme for freshman year was to BE BOLD. If you would have told me five years ago that I would have been starting a ministry on a college campus I probably would have laughed at you and said, “no-no that’s not for me.” It was really the spontaneity of it all. Me saying, “Ok Lord I’m going to trust you, I’m going to be bold for you, and I’m going to lead this ministry.” He’s taught me to trust in Him, and to be bold and He’s got this.


Q: What has been the hardest part of this process for you?

A: I think trying to plan for it all. We are still trying to walk through the details. Where will we host meetings? How can we advertise this thing? I just have to continue to trust that the Lord is going to bring this together and it is all going to work out, even if I don’t have everything lined up right now. 

Q: What has made the hard things worth it so far?

A: Really just the crazy amount of support I’ve gotten from this. I have had old first-grade teachers reach out to me saying, “You’ll never regret pursuing the Lord, this is such an amazing opportunity.” It’s really spurred me on and encouraged me to continue to trust in the Lord’s plan with this and get excited about it. 

Q: What would you say to girls who are thinking about starting a chapter?

A: Go for it. I didn’t think twice about it, I just went for it and we haven’t even really started it yet but it’s already been so amazing. I have seen the Lord working through this and the people He’s brought forth through this whole thing has been amazing. I would also just say that you don’t have to be this amazing person who knows all the answers because I don’t know all the answers and I don’t really know what I’m doing. Some incredible things can come from this if you just take a leap of faith and just to be bold. 

Q: Have you decided when your meetings will be? 

A: We want to start sometime in the fall for the incoming freshman. I want it to feel like they have a place to go and have a strong community because college is hard, especially during freshman year. There are a lot of temptations and it’s scary, and I want Delight to be a place where people can seek refuge, find community, and praise the Lord. 

Chatting with Sydney was such a blessing and we cannot wait to see where the Lord takes her on her campus! She is so willing to surrender her plans and her shyness to God’s will and God’s plan. 

Thank you, Sydney, for sharing your story and for inspiring future Delight leaders!


Meet Sydney!

Growing up, Sydney went to a small, private Christian school that felt like a bubble to her. She was raised a University of Kansas fan by her dad and she chose UK because she wanted to challenge herself and spread her wings. Sydney started the Delight chapter at The University of Kansas and we are so excited to see where this year takes her!



We’re looking for women like YOU to launch and lead a Delight chapter on your university. Stepping into the call of leadership can seem scary and intimidating at first, but stories like Leah’s remind us of how God walks with us every step of the way. We’d love to chat with you about taking that first step into leadership. To learn more about starting a Delight chapter on YOUR campus, click the button below!

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