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Five Books for Your Faith

My relationship with books has been a messy one. We endured a few breakups; I felt like we didn’t understand each other for a while. In elementary school, we had reading logs where we had to list all of the books we’ve read in the past month and how long we spent reading every night. Long story short, I forged my reading log—a very real depiction of where I was at in my faith at the age of 6.  

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5 Must-Reads To Prepare For 2018

Alright people - we are nearly two and a half months away from 2018!I know that is hard to believe, and I certainly am not trying to wish away the last part of this great year, but who says you can’t start preparing a little early? Besides, we may be more successful in our New Year’s resolutions if we just did a little soul-searching to get our hearts ready before hand.

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