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Why God Commands us Not to Worry

At the end of this next semester, I will be graduated. That comes with a lot of emotions: good, bad, and in-between. In the next few months it feels like there is so much that has to get done, so much I need to be ready for, and a ton of life I have to figure out. I’m barely halfway through summer, a whole six months out from graduation, and I have already found myself unable to sleep at night, anxious and stressed about the next step in my life. 

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Circumstances May Change, God Remains the Same

It almost feels like a different person is writing this blog post in comparison to the one I wrote in August. Though the one I wrote in August has very little to do with what I am talking about now, it feels as if my whole person, even right down to my spiritual life has shifted. So much has changed in a matter of a month, and though I won’t go into many details, I have seen clear examples of a constant God in all of this tumultuous change within my life.

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