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Finally: Tips for Finishing the Semester Strong

Twinkling overhead, the lights in my dorm remind me of a coffee shop. Rolling out of bed an hour before class, I pick out a dress for work. My roommate lets me borrow her lipstick, the shimmering one from the mall. A text arrives from my mom, with encouragement for the day. Airy sunlight streams into the room. I want to dance my way to class. It’s Freshman year.

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To the Girl who is Intimidated of a Public Christian Life

Often times, you only hear about solid Christian women who are so open about her relationship with Jesus. She is exposed, vulnerable, deep, and zealous about displaying her love for Jesus and the Bible. For me, a lot of this had to do with their presence on social media—girls openly identifying as faithful Christians, whether their public display of their faith was truthful or not.

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Going to College with God

I’m a big routine girl. To-do lists, above-desk calendars, colorful pens, wow, I love it all way too much. I like to know what’s happening, when it’s happening, where it’s happening, and who it’s happening with. I like to have a distinct time for homework, for coffee dates, for cooking (more like reheating), for exercise, and, on a special day, naps.

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