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4 Ways to Overcome Freshman Year Fear

Congratulations on this next new beautiful season of being a college woman!  Freshman year is a really valuable, yet sometimes tricky time. Most likely, it’s one of the biggest life transitions you’ve ever been through, and if there are some bumps along the way with that it’s understandable! No matter how excited you are to arrive on campus, it’s so normal to be brimming with fears and a few uncertainties

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3 Reasons I Needed Christian Community in College

70% of first-year college students walk away from their faith during their first year of college. I was one of the 70% of students. It was my first year of college and my mom had just helped me move into my little dorm. Many hugs and tears later, I waved goodbye, and a very profound emptiness settled into my stomach. Feeling completely foreign and vulnerable, I turned to the strangers down my dorm hall to fill the hole in my heart.

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