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Searching for Joy in the Holiday Season

The skies outside are endlessly gray again, the clouds are melting into one another in a wide expense of dark color. The weather is cold, dreary, and the days blend together as the sun disappears quickly beyond the horizon. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and the mental to-do lists pile within our minds as we run from one thing to the next. Finals loom over us as our days are spent sitting in the library or in low-lit coffee shops, surrounded by people but oblivious to their presence.

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To the Girl Who Feels like It's Hard to Go Home for the Holidays

Let me preface by saying that I technically never went home for the holidays in college because I went to school in the same town I grew up in. I also see my parents a few times a week but I do not live with them. Part of this post is about learning to navigate being an adult while also still being your parents’ child. This task has been incredibly difficult over the last four years of my life.

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