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How to find True Accountability

The other night, my friend and I took a break from our homework and went for a drive to catch up on life. This drive went from a quick chat to a 2 hour conversation about our insecurities, frustrations with God, struggles with sexual sin, and fears in relationships. But there was something so beautiful about this conversation. It wasn’t just a vent/cry session. It was a discussion.

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Going to College with God

I’m a big routine girl. To-do lists, above-desk calendars, colorful pens, wow, I love it all way too much. I like to know what’s happening, when it’s happening, where it’s happening, and who it’s happening with. I like to have a distinct time for homework, for coffee dates, for cooking (more like reheating), for exercise, and, on a special day, naps.

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Prepare For What You Pray For

Early Thursday morning, my alarm went off and I did my normal route before my internship. Out of nowhere, I just hear a whisper speaking to my soul- it was God. God whispered again. And I listened. God: “You prayed for me to guide you and for me to use you for your purpose. Remember: Be careful what you pray for because your not going to be happy for what I’m about to tell you- You need to quit your internship.”

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