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The Unknown

I am not scared to close this chapter in my life, but I am scared at what comes after. This sentence was all I was thinking as my brother drove me through Time Square one last time. After living in New York for three years, I made a huge decision to pack all my stuff and move back down to South Florida.You might think why would anyone want to move out of New York City?

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How To Lose Your Cool This Summer FEAT. Self-Pity.

Look, I get it. Even when life is great and school’s out for the summer it can be easy to blow-up the balloons and light the candles to our own pity party. However, the weight of self-pity is neither healthy nor godly, and the bible says so. It tells us that the root of self-pity is discontentment, and discontentment is ultimately rooted in mistrusting God.

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