To The Mothers


I have always appreciated how Mother’s Day allows for a time of calmness and peace to reflect on all that our Mothers do for us. I get so caught up in day-to-day life that I often forget all of the small things to which my mom contributes. 

From day one she has sacrificed her body and comfort to nourish and carry me for nine months, and then bring me into this world. Every day since then, my mom has sacrificed for me in some way. Whether its FaceTime calls to talk me through the exciting but overwhelming world of college, putting twenty extra bucks in my bank account when I spent my last dime on Wendy’s chicken nuggets (because c’mon they are a necessity), or being a shoulder to cry on through the break-ups and pressures of high school. 

My mom, and every other mom out there has sacrificed themselves in some way or another for her children. When I see my Mom, when I see other Moms, when I see their mission and duty in this world, I see the cross. 

I can see the pain that the cross caused Jesus but I also see the overwhelming joy it brought Him. 

The cross is a symbol of beauty and victory. It is a symbol of a path to Heaven through the humility of suffering. This description so beautifully and perfectly mirrors what moms do for their children. Moms sacrifice their own life in order to raise up new life. Is that not what Jesus completed through his actions on the cross? Jesus laid down his own life because of the unfathomable love he had for his children. 

For the cross is not a symbol of death and darkness, it is a throne upon which Jesus sits with victory and love. The cross holds a strength that brings us into eternal life with the Father. It is not a wooden place of death; it is a bridge which connects us home to the Father. Mothers possess the love and humility to be that bridge to the kingdom. Without our moms, we would not be here right now. Without their sacrifice and compassion, we could not be on a path to eternal life. 

My mother may not have died on a cross for me but she lays down her own life for her children in many ways every day. When she works extra hours in order to ensure her kids have the best life possible or when she spends hours on the phone with me to go over job applications after she just spent a whole day working, she is mirroring the cross. 

I gain courage when I look at the cross; I gain courage when I look to my mother. If we look closely enough at the earthly world, we can see Jesus’ kingdom spread all throughout it in his gifts. 

Mom, thank you for being my light to guide me to the Kingdom. 

Mom, thank you for being my mom first and my friend second. 

Mom, thank you for loving me enough to say “no” to me because you knew it was best for me (I need to trust God with that concept too).

Mom, thank you for mirroring the cross with your sacrificial love. 

Mom, I love you. 

-Hallie Ruth // @ruthhallie