This is a FREE quiz that is a part of our new book, "How To Prepare For Your Future Love Story." Think of it kind of like the Enneagram for dating and relationships. It will help you identity your approach to dating and help you to gain a better understanding of how you can let the Lord lead your future love story.

 Take the quiz by clicking the link below. If you loved it, be sure to share the quiz with all of your friends to find out what type they are too! You can learn even more about your type by ordering "How To Prepare For Your Future Love Story!" The full profiles for each type can be found in the book. 

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Join best friends MacKenzie Wilson and Mackenzie Baker, from Delight Ministries as they talk about all things relationships, faith, and well... girls! This podcast is for the girl expectant for her future, for the girl who is ready to grow, and the girl who needs some honest answers. Get ready, because this is for you!

Season 1 will take a deeper look at the 6 types from the Discover Your Dating Personality Quiz. Each episode will help you to better understand the tendencies, fears, desires, and traits of each dating type. Lookout for episode 1 of season 1 coming to the Podcast App on March 19th!


This February, our founders, Mac and Kenz along with a few special guests, are hitting the road for our 2nd annual For The Girl Tour.

Our 2019 Tour will feature eight events at universities across the country. Each stop will be a powerful night of real talk about dating and relationships in college! You'll get practical advice  and encouragement on how to pursue relationships while also pursuing a relationship with Jesus. There will be space to worship, time to connect with other women and even a few fun surprises along the way! You won't want to miss it!