Get to know our Co-founders and get a sneak peak into the story and "behind the scenes" of Delight Ministries.


Hi everyone! We're Mac & Kenz, the co-founders of Delight. To be quite honest, that sounds funny to say out loud because it makes us sound way more official than we actually are. We're probably a lot like you! We met at Belmont University in 2011 during freshman orientation when we were introduced to each other because we happened to share the same name. However, we didn't officially become friends until the last night of freshman year when we decided to grab dinner together. We hit it off and the rest is history! 

Since then, we've gotten the incredible opportunity of watching God do crazy cool things through this ministry. Every day our job allows us to connect with amazing women who are passionate about Jesus and shaping Christ-centered community on college campuses. It's truly the BEST JOB EVER! 

We love getting to connect and share our God story with people all over the country. Use the link below to get in touch with us, book us to come speak at your next event or to simply say hi!  


+ What's your role at Delight?

Mac—I work on all things creative (branding, social media, website, design, etc.) and cast vision for where we’re headed as an organization spiritually.

Kenz—I oversee our regional directors and am in charge of all of our new chapters that are getting ready to launch. 

+ What is one thing that brings you instant joy?

Mac—Ahh I can't choose one! Cinnamon rolls, any time one of my siblings calls me, and puppies!

Kenz—Pulling up in the driveway to my lake house in Missouri! All the nostalgia and memories!

+ What is the biggest thing that God has taught you through leading Delight? 

 Mac—When I try to take the credit or glory for the work of God, I end up also carrying the burden of it.  I'm learning that when I learn to truly give God all the credit (not just outwardly but inwardly too) the burdens of ministry are immediately lifted. Then it simply becomes fun to watch God move and to have a front row seat for all of the action!

Kenz—The Lord has taught me how to trust in Him. That He has always got my best in mind and He will always make everything better. Being able to fully trust in Him takes away any fear, worries, insecurities, and makes this crazy life a whole lot BRIGHTER.