We here at Delight are big believers in stories. Stories that move and inspire, take our breath away, stop us in our tracks and change us forever. Delight was created as a platform for college women to not only share their stories, but also as a place to allow God to write stories more beautiful than we could ever even fathom. 

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Two freshman girls meet at Belmont University and become best friends. On the last day of freshman year the two girls go to dinner with another girl. Girls talk the whole time about how AWESOME God is. The three girls go home for summer. One girl works as a waitress. One girl goes to Alaska for a mission experience. Other girl sells knives. Girls return in the fall. Girls go to church together. On the way home waitress girl asks the other two girls if they want to start a bible study. Other two girls say yes because they both had the same nudging over the summer. Girls meet in the bell tower on campus two weeks later on a Friday morning for “bible study”. Twenty other girls come. Girls name bible study Delight. Delight girls cook dinner together, study the word together, serve hot chocolate to the homeless together, love on refugee kids together, stand for freedom together, wash cars together and learn to live more like Christ together. Nine months later girls have grown from three to just under one hundred. The three girls are amazed and bewildered at all that God has done in and through Delight. 

That is the quick and simple version of the story behind Delight. This story isn't necessarily unique and exciting. In fact you've probably heard plenty of stories just like it. By this point you may even be bored reading this story and wondering why you bothered reading it in the first place. Hang with us!

What makes this story different is where the significance lies. You won’t find it in the characters, or the setting, the climax, the dialogue, or even the theme. This story isn't actually about the story at all. It’s about the author. An author that could take three sophomoric, average and ordinary girls and write his own beautiful story through them. An author that led unworthy and undeserving girls to start a bible study that would eventually grow into a nation-wide ministry devoted to serving college women. This story is about the King of Kings and the Prince of Peace. God is the ultimate author, the ultimate visionary and the ultimate dreamer. We are so honored to be the characters of this story, but are so thankful that we don’t hold the pen in our hands. We leave the real story writing to the greatest storyteller of all time.