What I'm Learning In The New Season

I graduated from college two weeks ago, and it was honestly an amazing experience. I got to decorate my cap ( it's super cute, btw), I had a great time taking my senior pictures, and I passed all my classes (a relief lol). Plus, graduation day was great and having my family around me to celebrate this new season made it all the more special. Quoting High School Musical, I guess you could say it was "the start of something new."

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How to Become Authentic

I recently resonated with a quote from an unknown speaker which read, “Authenticity is
freedom from the illusion of fear and alignment to the reality of love”.
This really captivated
me, and I immediately wanted to live in that truth.

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Finding Your Purpose

Purpose is an idea that is often linked to faith. Purpose is supposed to tell us the reason why we’re here, what we are supposed to do, and who we are supposed to be. It is no wonder that many people look to an all-knowing God when seeking an answer.

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Finding Rest in The Midst of Chaos

Friends, I am exhausted. Between school, work, and preparing to move out of my apartment for summer, it’s a wonder that I get to bed at all. And if I’m being honest, that’s how a lot of this season of my life has felt. I think in college and young adulthood we can all feel that exhaustion. We are in a place where our lives can just get busy without even trying.

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