3 Practical Ways to Be a Loving Neighbor

Recently at church, I heard a sermon that really stuck out to me about practical ways to be a neighbor. I loved that they used the word “practical” because sometimes I leave a sermon with a good message in mind, but no memorable steps on how to actually put it into practice. I wanted to write about my take on this so you guys can be inspired to use your talents to be a good neighbor!

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The Power of Prayer

As believers we constantly hear the saying, “Just pray about it” or “I’ll be praying for
”. This has always rubbed me the wrong way; because I think to myself, “well
will they really pray about it” “will they really be praying for me?”

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How To Partner With God

There are two words in the English language that could send me into a cold sweat right in the middle of class. They raise my heart rate and force me to desperately take inventory of the people around me, praying that I would suddenly be able to communicate telepathically. The words I’m referring to?

“Group project.”

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For the Girl in Search of the Real Thing

“It’s the Real Thing” was the original slogan for Coca-Cola in 1971, but today it seems to be the motto for the never ending search for something authentic. It’s expected for bags to be knockoffs, pictures to be filtered, news to be fake, voices to be auto tuned, and most things to be photo shopped to enhance the aesthetics. It takes a keen eye to recognize authentic verses artificial. Keeping up with multiple images to impress people is exhausting. When we do this, are we too caught up in our own expectations, others expectations, or a combination of both? 

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4 Ways to Invest Into Your Community

From what I have seen and experienced, it seems that when moments we need community the most, we tend to withdraw ourselves from it. Ever felt that way? Knowing you need something, but do the exact opposite. I know I sure do. Often, I feel that I would do better on my own than with the support of others. I don’t like to inconvenience people so, sometimes I let myself believe that if I just keep something to myself I will be helping myself. However, the issue with that mindset is that when I shut myself out of community with other people, I also shut myself out of community with God. As creation, we were designed to be in community with one another; to support and encourage one another; to walk together in our journey’s with the LORD: 

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Getting Uncomfortable with Christ

But what about being uncomfortable for the sake of Christ? How often am I choosing to be uncomfortable for the sake of Christ, a surely worthy cause to be uncomfortable for? Lately God has been revealing well-worn patterns of my own “Christian” comfortability, my own “Christian comfort zone” to me, and with that presenting me with a challenge.

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